May 3 - Aug 17, 2018

The Kilauea Eruption was the biggest eruption in Hawai'i in over 200 years

with 300+ ft. lava fountains, massive lava flows creating 875 acres of new coast line

and over 60,000 earthquakes, lasting more than 90 days.

All Photos by Kevin Murray

May 19th 7:30pm, Glow from Fissure 8 and the lava ocean entry

picture taken from Kalapana Seaview 4.5 miles from fissure 8 and 5.8 miles from ocean entry

May 20, 12:23pm, Metal plates over steaming cracks highway 130

May 20th 4:20pm

Steam plume from lava ocean entry, picture taken from Kalapana Seaview

May 20th 7:00pm

Steam plume and glow from lave ocean entry

May 21, 6:44pm, Lava ocean entry steam plume

May 21th 6:24pm, Steam plume

May 24th 7:00pm, Fissure 8 Eruption

May 24th 7:30pm

May 24th 7:34pm

May 24th 8:00pm

May 28th 7:17pm, Tiki Carving

May 28th 7:18pm, Kevin carving with Pele

May 28th 7:21pm

May 29, 7:21pm, Driving the Red Road (Kalapana-Kapoho Rd)

May 30th 7:22pm

May 30th 7:24pm, Fissure 8 from Kalapana Seaview 4.5 mile away

May 31th 7:12pm

May 31th 7:13pm

May 31th 7:24pm

May 31th 7:30pm, Fissure 8 from Kalapana Seaview

May 31th 7:34pm

May 31th 7:35pm

May 31th 7:37pm

May 31th 7:38pm

May 31th 7:38pm

June 1st 7:10pm

June 1st 7:20pm, 8 ft. Tiki

June 1st 7:31pm

June 2nd 7:11pm, 8 ft. Tiki

June 2nd 7:30pm

June 2nd 7:31pm

June 2nd 7:32pm

June 2nd 7:33pm

June 2nd 7:35pm

June 2nd 7:36pm

June 2nd 7:37pm

June 2nd 7:37pm

June 2nd 7:38pm

June 3rd 7:24pm

June 3rd 9:22pm

June 4th 5:19am

June 6th 8:17pm Pele's Portrait

June 7th 7:17pm

June 7th 8:23am

June 7th 7:19pm

June 7th 7:21pm

June 7th 7:24pm

June 7th 7:25pm

June 7th 7:25pm

June 7th 7:37pm

June 7th 7:39pm

June 10th 7:26pm

June 10th 8:07pm

June 10th 8:08pm

June 14, 7:37pm, Fissure 8

June 16th 7:30pm

June 17th 7:34pm

June 17th 7:36pm

June 18th 7:13pm

June 18th 7:14pm

June 18th 7:20pm

June 21st 5:43am

June 21st 6:30am

June 21st 6:49pm

June 21st 6:50pm

June 21st 6:51pm

June 21st 6:52pm

June 21st 7:37pm

June 25th 7:25pm

June 25th 7:32pm

June 25th 7:37pm

July 9th 7:18pm

July 11th 7:38pm

July 22nd 8:25am

July 22nd 8:35am

October 1, 7:27am, New growth on the newest land on the planet earth

©2018 All Photos by Kevin Murray